Thursday, February 2, 2012

One month already???


Oh how time flies by so fast!! I can't believe our baby girl is already 1month old!! It is so crazy how much she has grown and developed over these past 4 weeks. We had many ups and downs..poor girl was sick at 3weeks old with this cold crud that's going around..I put us on house arrest, turned up the humidifier, had the bulb syringe in one hand and tissues in the other. It was a rough week but we made it through. I hated seeing her like that!! And it doesn't' help the fact that I'm also a nurse so I was probably over exaggerating every symptom..thinking it was going to turn into something much worse.

Anyways, over the past month Kynlee has had some pretty special events happen..she has finally met all her great-grandparents, met many more family and friends, been to target a couple times, had her first trip to the hair salon with Nena and me (lets just say she LOVED it...could have been all the shiny lights and blow dryers but hey she was a good girl) but the biggest thing of all  is that on January 21st she got Baptized!! It was such a beautiful ceremony. Kynlee was such an angel during the whole mass..until the very end then she had I'm gonna share the pictures with everyone.. but I'm warning you I think she was screaming in everyone!!

Godparents: RJ & Katie

Great Grandparents


Cake: Katie & I made!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kynlee Rae Felderhoff

Our sweet baby girl has finally made her arrival!! God is so incredibly amazing!
 Born: December 31, 2011
Time: 2:08pm
Weight: 7lbs 20z
Length: 20 inches

The adventure all began the day of Dec. 30th, 2011. I had an OB appointment at 1pm that day to check on the progress and discuss our options for delivery. We all decided that based on the results of my exam we would be inducing that night. So many things were going through my mind at the moment, "Is this really going to happen..We are going to be parents.. I'm excited, nervous, anxious oh so many emotions....Anyways we made our decision and we were sticking with it. Eric and I left the office and began to plan out the rest of our evening. Seeing how we only had a couple hours to get our things together we decided we would go to Target, get some food and watch a movie..Yes a movie (Warrior-action of course..really good) we had 6hrs to kill before we had to be back at the hospital. So knowing that this is gonna be the last night we will be just "Eric and Melissa" we had a little date night at home!

The time had come and it was 8pm time to go to the hospital! We were both quite anxious, not knowing what the night was gonna entail. We arrived at the hospital along with Eric's parents (Mark & Terrye) and my mom and sister (who had been waiting in L&D waiting room since oh 7:30pm totally beat us mom was really excited!) Anyways we were placed in our room which was filled with decorations that some of the nurses put up.Terrye works at Denton Regional and all the nurses were counting down the days till we came in..Everyone was so sweet!!) 

After we got settled and I got hooked up to the monitor we decided to try and "relax"..knowing it was gonna be a long night/day. They began the induction process by giving me a medication called, they warned us about the possibility of it causing the baby to decel (drop in heart rate) due to the intensity of the contraction..and not to freak out if the nurse comes running in and starts moving me around to stimulate the baby. Ummm lets just say 15-30minutes later after receiving the medications the nurse comes running in telling me to flip from side to side..oxygen in slapped on me. shot is given in reverse the medication...Umm I was freaking out not gonna lie!! I was trying really hard to remain as calm as possible and focus on breathing for my baby's sake..I know they had warned us about this but Man it was scary..So they decided to not give me another dose of that medication and to wait a couple hours and then start me on a low dose of Pitocin at 2am. So come 2am they started me on the Pitocin..about an hr later the same thing happened again..except this time baby and uterus didn't want to cooperate.. Baby had about a 8minute decel and the nurse paged the Dr. and they were fixing to wheel me back for an Emergency C-section..All I could do at that point was PRAY!! I was so scared!! Then as soon as the Dr. walks in poof..heart rate goes back up!! Thank you JESUS!! By this point we were extremely nervous and exhausted..Eric and I just sat there and prayed for a safe delivery and healthy baby. I ended up having another decel later that morning but it wasn't extreme..My uterus is apparently very sensitive to any type of induction medication..I was only on 3-4units of Pitocin  and normally it can be increased it to about 40units. Later that morning I received my epidural and WOW what a difference that made!!! I felt so much more relaxed and pain free!! I tip my hat to those who labor without one..No way could I have done that.. More family members had began to arrive and the count down was on..

 At 1:30pm Dr. Finger came in the check on me and I knew I was getting really close and I was right I was 10cm and we were ready to start pushing..At 1:42pm the process began.. By 2:08pm Our world had changed and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!!
We were speechless & in awe of this beautiful miracle that was placed in our arms!! God is so amazing and we are so blessed that he had chosen us to be parents!

We were soon transferred to the Post-partum room..We thought we would only stay for 1 night but we ended up having to stay 2 nights..We were so ready to come home but Kynlee's bili level was elevated a little and needed to be watched. They also discovered a heart murmur that had to be evaluated..So I'm glad  we all decided to stay an extra day. The echo showed that she has a small-moderate VSD which should close up on it's own around 6-9months of life..She will be followed up by a cardiologist until then..

Jan 2, 2012 at 4pm..We got cleared to go home!! YAY..Bags were packed, car loaded dressed and securely placed in the carseat..Home Sweet Home her we come!!

I have to brag on all the nurses and staff of Denton Regional that were involved in our care! They were all phenomenal and we were treated with so much respect! They definitely went above and beyond in their practice! We were so amazed and thankful for all the help we received.

Thank you to everyone's prayers and support! Kynlee is a beautiful, healthy little girl and we couldn't ask for more!

Friday, December 16, 2011


So I can not believe how fast time flies by! Christmas is really next week??? REALLY?? Well lets just say we are so excited and ready for celebration of Jesus's birthday and Kynlee's soon afterwards! Eric and I were sitting on the couch last night talking about how any day now our life is gonna change.. Oh how wonderful it will be!

 Kynlee is doing so good..getting bigger and stronger everyday! She is running out of room in here. I will be officially 38weeks on Sunday so I have told Kynlee she can make her debut any time!! As far as baby prepartion goes, we have been so truly blessed with such amazing family and friends. We have had three baby showers hosted by our wonderful friends and family members and been showered with so many gifts. I'm so thankful to be a part of such a supportive group of people. I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make Kynlee's birth  and preparation come about. I don't know what we would do without all the generous gifts and support! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

 Belly Pictures/Maternity pictures:

For more of our pictures:
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Click on Client
Enter Password kynlee1
Nursery update:
   The nursery is is officially finished YAY!! Thanks to my Amazing husband and Mother-in law who helped me finish it! I have to post a couple pictures of some of my favorite aspects of the room..

 Well I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Count down is on for the arrival of our Baby Girl!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All about Baby 2

Okay so yes I know it has been way too long since I have updated the blog...but I'm sorry things have been really crazy lately!! I'm sure you can all relate to that huh! Well I am currently a little over 29weeks & have less than 11 to go!! We had an exciting day today we went and had a 3D/4D sono!! Technology is so mind-blowing now. It was so amazing to see her and have some of our family members there to get a sneak peek too. I have to say I think she resembles her Daddy quite a bit at this stage! She was being a little toot and wouldn't move her hand out of her face so we got a lot of shots with her hand/arm in front of her face! I  guess I can't blame her much for that though..pretty tight quarters that she's living in! Anyways I'm so glad we had the opportunity to do this and see our baby girl! She is measuring 3lbs 1oz! Still got some growing to do, but has plenty of time! Hope you enjoy it!!

*Baby Kynlee Update:

*Update bump picture..well the  most recent anyways I think its 27-28wks

*Nursery Update: It's painted and the furniture is in, but nothing on the walls yet! Bedding is complete just not here yet! It's still a work in process but I did make a bow holder and made some closet dividers..Other than that just will have to wait till we get the final touches!

Monday, September 19, 2011

All about Baby

So I am getting so excited about the Nursery...Everything is coming together! I finally made a decision on my fabric for my bedding! I don't know how many hours I spent looking at fabric online and in stores! I think I was driving Eric crazy (he didn't understand why I was stressing over fabric so much..MEN!! haha) We also decided to start registering for baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby's the other day. Let me just say its like Baby's R'US on steroids! I didn't realize that much baby stuff existed!! I think we spent an hour just looking and pushing strollers..Oh my!! After that visit and only scanning 20items (maybe) we came to the conclusion that it may take a couple trips to get us fully registered, while still staying sane!

So I just wanted to point out that I have the best Husband EVER!! He has been working so hard on Kynlee's Crib and Dresser and it looks AMAZING! I woke up from my nap on Sunday and he had the crib all put together..I started to cry!! It just made everything that much more real!! I also have to give a major props to my Mother-in-law, she came over Sunday and just went crazy painting Kynlee's room! Between Eric and her the nursery is looking Amazing!! I'm so blessed to have such an AMAZING family!!

So here are some pictures of the progress..

Room before the paint!
I found knobs  for the dresser at Hobby Lobby

Fabric wreath I made   

Riley Blake's Sweet Nothing's Main Fabric for her bedding!

Beautiful Crib! Can't wait to see the bedding in it!

Almost done with the painting!! Love Love the color!!

Can't wait to see it once its all put together!!